At Noble Manhattan we understand how important it is for our programs to be accredited and endorsed. We are continually working to maintain a high level of standard as our training programs are being audited and assessed to ensure their continued quality. These endorsements and accreditations demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest standard of qualifications.

Institute of Leadership & Management

Since 2001 the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) has been recognized and respected within the business world for their high standards. With a current membership of 30,000, including professional members and those studying, the ILM is a leader in the development, assessment and administration of leadership and management qualifications. The ILM works with organizations globally to develop the critical skills needed to succeed as leaders and managers. Their constant assessment of programs and commitment to meeting the needs of leaders and manager in an ever-changing environment is paramount. The support offered by the ILM is making a real difference in present and future workplaces. Their endorsement represents a high standard of quality training.

International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring

Noble Manhattan coaching programs are accredited to the highest rating level of the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M).

The IAPC&M currently has members in 102 countries, facilitating access to quality accreditation for coaches around the world. Their mission is to ensure the availability of high standard coach training and to contribute to the quality of accreditation internationally by building confidence in the coaching and mentoring profession. They accomplish this through a rigorous process in which a company must prove, with evidence, their ongoing commitment to coaching, coach training and to their students. They are committed to excellence, professional growth and making a positive difference in the coaching and mentoring industry.

International Coach Federation Continuing Coaching Education

The International Coach Federation (ICF) offers Continuing Coach Education (CCE), which are intended for those who wish to acquire more knowledge and/or those renewing their ICF credentials.

The Practitioner Coach Diploma has been awarded 101 Continuing Education hours and 84 Resource Development hours. Continuing Education hours directly relate and expand upon the ICF Core Competencies. The Resource Development hours contribute to a coach’s professional development in areas such as business building and coaching assessments. These hours reflect the quality and detail the training provides for core competencies and skill development found in our advanced training program.

The Institute of Leadership & Management

The Institute of Leadership & Management’s (TILM) expertise has enabled them to shape how leaders think and influence others. Their extensive research on knowledge, skills, behaviors, attitudes, and values of great leadership has enabled them to continually raise standards. This research has helped TILM to create cutting-edge, engaging and high-quality resources that inspire great leadership. Integrating real conversations into their services makes TILM true innovators of leadership development.

TILM upholds the values of authenticity, vision, ownership, achievement, and collaboration. To have the authenticity to behave with integrity, inspire trust and challenge others to do the same. To have the vision to look ahead, be innovative and face the future. Have the ownership to be responsible, use initiative to strive forward, and continue to learn. For achievement, to be clear about purpose and to stretch oneself and others. When collaborating, to embrace differences and work effectively with others. These values help TILM to mold effective and well-rounded leaders.

International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring

As a Community Interest Company the International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring (IRCM) is the only approved international regulator for coaching and mentoring for the protection of consumers. The IRCM works to raise standards, confidence and excellence in the coaching and mentoring industry by creating and maintaining a single, unified register of organizations.

As the first independent body to internationally search for and hold training organizations accountable, the IRCM creates a set of standards, procedures, and ethics to which coaches and mentors are held to a high standard. As a central ombudsman service this provides consumers with a public record of who is a professional body, training organization, coach, and mentor. The IRCM continues to improve confidence for coaching and mentoring to the international community.